“España de Cine” Movie Festival



This year’s “España de Cine” Movie Festival will present to the Chinese audience Spanish Cinema directed by women. Over the last years many Spanish female directors have become known in Spain and abroad for their new way of looking at things. Today’s movie industry has finally acknowledged the value of their voice and younger talents are increasingly receiving the attention of the media critics and gaining international acclaim. Among the female directors that compose this movie series are some consecrated talents such as Isabel Coixet and Iciar Bollaín as well as promising directors such as Mar Coll or Beatriz Sanchís.
Film Screening Schedule:
11.26.Wed 19:00 We All Want What´s Best for Her (Openning+ Q&A)

11.27.Thu 19:00 15 Years and One Day(Q&A)

11.28. Fri 18:00 Teachers of the Republic
11.29.Sat 14:00 Yesterday Never Ends
11.30.Sun 14:00 Manzanas, pollos y quimeras
11.30.Sun 19:30 15 Years and One Day
12.01.Mon 19:00 We All Want What´s Best for Her
12.02.Tue 19:00 Teachers of the Republic
12.03.Wed 19:00 Yesterday Never Ends
12.04.Thu 19:00 Manzanas, pollos y quimeras

Price: ¥40
Senior & Student: ¥30
bc100 Member:¥30
bcv1000 Member Price:¥30

Tickek Online:http://ddmmblh.cine.leying365.com/play/list