Members should follow all the terms and conditions of the bc VIP membership scheme:

1. Members should present valid membership card and enter password in order to enjoy any privileges provided.
2. bc VIP membership card is not transferable.
3. bc VIP membership card becomes invalid if altered or seriously damaged.
4. If bc VIP membership card is lost or stolen, members should report to bc as soon as possible. Prior to this, any cost due to the loss of membership card is solely borne by the cardholder.
5. A handling fee of RMB10 will be charged for re-issue of membership card.
6. Members should follow all the related terms and conditions when using borrowing services. (For details please refer to the bc film library borrowing service terms and conditions.)
7. Members are required to pay a RMB¥200 cash deposit when borrowing for the first time. Deposits will be retained in case of late return, loss or damage of borrowed items.
8. If members wish to cancel membership before the expiry date, the balance will not be refunded.
9. bc reserves the final decision and the ultimate right to make any changes to all terms and conditions underlain by bc VIP membership scheme without prior notice.
10. In case of any violation of regulations, misuse or abuse of privileges found, bc reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time without prior warning and to refuse that member’s application for future membership. The membership fee balance will not be refunded.