As the first art-house cinema in mainland China, Broadway Cinematheque MOMA (bc MOMA)has been officially open in Beijing at the end of December 2009. Broadway Cinematheque is an unique cultural landmark in HK at present, and now it sets up its branch in Beijing, the first art-house cinema under Broadway Circuit in mainland China, operated and managed by EDKO Films Ltd. It consists of three screens with a total number of 400 seats and a café-bookstore of 300 square meter named Kubrick. bc MOMA continues the attitudes that bc pursues in promoting film culture, showcasing various internationally acclaimed films from overseas and local, highlighting and supporting emerging new Chinese film makers.


Floating Cinema

Broadway Cinematheque MOMA is located inside MOMA Linked Hybrid designed by Steven Holl, the famous American architect, which took him 10 years for designing. It is picked as one of the “10 Wonders of the New China” by Business Week 2007. Broadway Cinematheque MOMA is situated in the center of the complex of buildings surrounded by ponds, floating on the water like a shining diamond. Its metallic outer wall can be used as screens for projecting movie trailers at night, the images of which are able to be reflected onto the water, making a perfect match between the three-dimensional space and the design.

High Quality and Diversified Film Selection

Apart from showing a diverse and unique selection of internationally acclaimed films, bc MOMA will hand-pick some high-quality films as exclusive releases as well and regularly organize film programmes, such as master retrospectives, thematic programmes and panorama of new films around the world. bc MOMA, at the same time, will also provide a screening space for the local young filmmakers to show their films and to share their experiences of filmmaking with audiences.

Since the soft opening in the beginning of November, bc MOMA has already associated in presenting the 2nd European Union Film Festival, the 4th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum and the Italian Films Screening “From Venice to Beijing”. The world-famous director Giuseppe Tornatore and Hou Hsiao-Hsien are the honorable guests among our first batch of VIP guests to bc MOMA. In early 2010, bc MOMA will exclusively showcase Chengdu I love You, the closing film of Venice Film Festival 2009, directed by Fruit Chan and Jian Cui. Early previews of Season of Good Rain directed by Korean filmmaker Jin-ho Hur is also scheduled. Regarding retrospective on film master, the first one to be launched is Xie Jin, “40 years of Xiejin Films” which includes some of the most significant masterpieces in different period of his career. Seminar and sharing sessions will be accompanied with the English-subtitled screenings to outline the rapid social changes and development of the contemporary Chinese cinema in the past 40 years.


Building up a Brand New Film Community

As the home for film enthusiasts, bc MOMA launches its membership scheme to bridge film lovers to the cine-world, providing movie fans a window to the world cinema. There is a film library on the second floor to offer more than 40 types of film magazines from various countries, over 100 original English film books and a large collection of DVDs and soundtracks available for members to borrow for free. The mini screen inside can be taken as a small screening room for members to screen their works and to share the filmmaking experiences with others. On top of that, film seminars, workshops and sharing sessions are targeted to organize in the library regularly throughout the calendar.

Besides, Kubrick store on the first floor will focus on a wide range of book selection on cinema and movie masters. Vintage and original movie posters are also available for film buffs. Next to the bc MOMA complex is the Kubrick café-bookstore where film buffs and art-and-culture lovers will find it the most relaxing and inspiring venue for more after film screenings at the cinema. With the range of cultural activities planned ahead, kubrick’s presence will surely help create a cultural atmosphere around the whole area.