Types of Membership :

1.bc 100

Membership fee: 100 Yuan
Application method: apply in person with a valid ID at bc
The membership card is limited to use in person, availing you of various membership services and discounts.


The membership gives access to five beneficial services:

01 Ticket discounts and benefits

1. 1.One bc MOMA complimentary ticket given upon membership enrollment (applicable to any screening at bc MOMA from Monday to Friday)
2. Enjoy 10% discount when buying tickets from bc MOMA. Enjoy a special discount when buying special screening films tickets
3.Enjoy a free ticket for your companion during special screenings (Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer)
4. No service fee will be charged for online ticket booking
5. Enjoy half price tickets every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday


02 Library and information services

1. Inform you through email or pamphlets of the activities and newly released films at bc MOMA
2. Free to borrow items from bc MOMA library (DVDSoundtrackBookMagazine) (see library loaning rules for details)


03 Access to various activities

1. Enjoy priority access to various bc MOMA activities, film lectures, and screening meetings
2.Have the chance to be invited together with one friend to attend new directors’ private screening activities and wine receptions。
3. Enjoy 10% discount for various bc MOMA film courses
4. Apply for free screening in the library of self-made short films


04 Shopping discounts

1. Enjoy a special discount in Kubrick cafe and bookstore
2.Enjoy 10% discount when buying popcorn and other products at the retail section
3.With the ticket of that day, enjoy 15% discount when buying the designated beverage and cookies by Kubrick


2. Super: bc 1000 Yuan Stored Value Card
Stored value: 1000 Yuan

For personal use only, enjoy various membership discounts (members cannot buy more than 6 half-price tickets for the same film showing with the card)

Super 01: When you buy bc 1000, you will receive a bc 100 membership and its associated benefits and services. (In the event the stored value runs out, the card may still be used as a basic bc 100 card)
Super 02 :Enjoy a half price discount when buying tickets with the card (under the condition that the final price is not lower than the lowest possible price designated by the distributor)
Super 03 :The card can be used in other bc cinemas with members enjoying a 40% discount and in the retail section, a 10% discount
Super 04 :Can be used with online ticket purchases for all bc cinemas
(It is a stored value card, with stored value no lower than 1000 Yuan)
(bc MOMA administrator reserves the right of final conditions of use)