Borrowing Service:

  Borrowing Period Borrowing Quota
Discs (DVD/CD) 2 week
(starts from the borrowing date)
Maximum 2 titles
Books/ Magazines (back issue) 2 weeks
(starts from the borrowing date)
Maximum 2 titles
* Maximum 2 original discs or 2 original books/ magazines can be borrowed at one time.

BC MOMA Library Borrowing Rules

Member should follow all the terms and conditions when borrowing.


General Borrowing Rules
1. Member is required to pay RMB¥200 cash deposit at the first time of borrowing.
2. Members should take care not to misplace the deposit slip as deposits cannot be returned without this.
3. Members should come to BC MOMA library in person and show membership card in order to borrow or return items.

Loan Period
The loan period for all items is two weeks. All items borrowed from the library should be returned within 14 days. The period is calculated on the borrowing day.

Loan Quantity
1. The maximum number of items which may be borrowed at any one time is 2 for every member, including DVDs, Original Soundtracks, books and back issues.
2. Members should ensure that the borrowed items are complete and undamaged before leaving the library. Members will be charged if any new damage is found when the borrowed item is returned.
3. Members can extend the due date of borrowed items by two week. Please come to BC MOMA library counter for the application.

Overdue Fine and Compensation
1. Late charges of RMB¥10 per item each day will be incurred for any late returns. Should the borrowed items not be returned within 25 days, the deposit will be retained.
2. All DVDs and Original Soundtracks in the library is owned by BC MOMA. Any form of copy is not permitted. Failure to obererve the rules can lead to disqualification of membership and the deposit will be retained.
3. A charge will be made for any library material lost or damaged, price as below:
Borrowed items Price
DVD (Films distributed by Chinese companies) RMB 50
DVD (Films distributed by HK companies) RMB 100
DVD (Films distributed by oversea companies) RMB 250
Soundtrack (Distributed by oversea companies ) RMB 100
Simplified Chinese book RMB 50
Traditional Chinese book/ HK, Taiwan, Foreign Magazines RMB 100
English Books RNB 200

Notice: BC MOMA reserves the final decision and the ultimate right to make any changes to all terms and conditions underlain by BC membership scheme without prior notice.